Why Buy Off Lease Cars?

Many used cars shoppers are not sure it’s a good idea to buy off lease cars, which is wrong. Off-lease cars are as good as any used cars or even better, especially of you are shopping for later models with low mileage. Let’s see why. To start with, an “off lease auto” is a strong marketing term off-lease auto dealers use to attract customers. Why? Because they know that the mechanical condition of such cars is better than that of common used cars. To better answer the question, let’s see how off-lease car sales work first. First of all, as a rule, lease companies are nothing but financial branches of a large car manufacturer, like Toyota or Ford. So when you lease a car you receive a brand-new vehicle in a perfect condition. However, when it comes to returning the vehicle, the lease company uses the services of certified auto-dealers to transport the auto to a resale or an auction spot and make all the necessary checks and inspections, as the vehicle is no longer new. As a result, many off-lease cars never make it to the auction or resale shop because the dealers “catch” them as a great buy for themselves - they see that the vehicle was well maintained, many have low mileage so they can even get an extended warranty after being inspected. Don’t be confused about off-lease and rental cars, the latter are really infamous for being worn, beaten and poorly treated. Leased cars are better cared of because they are not the property of those who use them, so the lease holders must maintain them properly rather then disposing in their own way or abusing .

All of the above gives you another strong argument in favor or buying an off-lease cars: vehicle history. Unlike common used vehicles, off-lease autos do not “travel” from state to state, change registration, owners and accumulate hidden dirty secrets you might not be but you would certainly want to be aware of. The dealers wouldn’t buy such vehicles if they had any problems.

Sometimes, off lease cars sold at the auctions or shops may seem to be not properly maintained - they may need oil change, new brake pads, tires or some other minor maintenance. Don’t be afraid of this - many manufacturers provide funds for wear and tear or offer low cost maintenance plans for vehicles that go off-lease. In addition, most off lease cars reviews are very positive. The only downside of off-lease car deals is a bit higher price than for regular cars - but that’s well worth the high quality of an almost new auto you get.

If an independent dealer makes claims about “specializing if off-lease car only” you should get a car history report and ask the previous owner for the maintenance records - otherwise, you cannot be sure that the used vehicle your are purchasing is actually an off-lease auto.

Where to buy off-lease cars

There are numerous car auctions selling off-lease cars or trucks in different states. However, if you are not an auction type and want a fixed price , you could check which dealers work with specific lease companies and buy cars coming off lease.

How to Buy off lease cars by auction

Buying an off-lease car by an auction can save you thousands than purchasing from a dealer. Remember to arrives early at the auction so as to have time to ask questions and inspect the cars, so as to single out the best choices and not maximum bids for them. Doing so in a hurry or off-spot is not a good ideas - you may miss out a deal or overpay. Early arrival will also give your opportunity to take a good seat, so as to see the lots well and be focused on bidding.

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