Off Lease Cars For Sale: A Guide

Off Lease Cars For Sale If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, you may do well by checking out off lease cars for sale. These cars are only a few years old, well-maintained, still in full warranty and paid off on their depreciation. Here are a few tips when buying off lease cars.

American-made cars are a bargain among off lease cars for sale. The unwarranted reputation of being poorly made makes used vehicles made in Detroit hard to sell, thus commanding less demand, and therefore less prices, than European or Japanese models. You will still need to research on models that hold up well after a few years of use, such as Lexus, Mercury and Buick. Another bargain among off lease cars is SUVs. These gas guzzlers are quickly being traded by victims of rising oil prices and the recent recession, causing a glut in the used car market.

If you’re planning to buy your own leased car, wait for the leasing company to approach you with an offer so that you have the upper hand during negotiations. Go through your contract carefully and study your purchase options for ways to reduce your payment. While most off leased cars for sale will have a residual value (future value) that will be greater than the market value, there is a chance that it will be less if your vehicle is a very popular model.

Finally, do your research for the model of off lease car you are considering as well as the actual vehicle you have your eye on. Look around in places where they have off lease cars for sale then use the Web to compare prices. Test-drive the vehicle, have a trusted mechanic look at the engine and other components then examine the car’s records for maintenance history and additional work. Don’t forget to confirm that the car is “certified” by the dealer; this means that it has been inspected and guaranteed by the manufacturer.