Lease cars instead when traveling!

Riding the bus, taking a plane, traveling by boat, mark them all off, lease cars instead! Taking a public vehicle on a long trip can be more exhausting then driving yourself to your desired destination.

Imagine taking a bus on a 5 hour trip. You’ll be sharing a moving box with about 30 different people. Through several aspects of uneasiness and unhealthiness should be expected. Viral sediments may be exchanged through the air through coughing, or sneezing. You will never know, but some people might have more serious diseases that are contagious. Let’s say everyone is perfectly healthy. It may still get very annoying when you are trying to sleep and the people occupying the other seats are noisily celebrating an important cause. You won’t be able to tell them off or complain because majority of them are cheering and shouting. Another thing may be the opposite. You find yourself wide awake, and the person next to you falls asleep on your shoulder, banging his/her head without a care in the world. Would you tolerate this behavior, or would you tell the person off? Lease carsinstead!

Taking a plane would be a better choice, or would it? Naturally one would get to their destination much faster. If it takes 5 hours on a bus or by land, it will only take about an hour by plane. But let us enumerate the downside of taking a plane. Primarily air fare is quite expensive or at least more expensive than taking land transportation. Speed is what you pay heaps for when taking the plane. Also, you cannot deny that there is always a risk when you fly. Though flying has been tried and tested and is continuing to transport passengers safely, they are still a thousand miles away from the ground and if anything may happen it’s a long way down. In most cases, flying in economy, feels like riding the bus except it is silent. For some reason people are more disciplined on a plane and majority of them would just like to fall asleep. Then again, it will be shared with other people.  Next time, before one decides to take off-, lease cars instead! You won’t have to worry about falling thousands of miles plunging towards the ground if anything happens. Rent fare and gas together would still be cheaper than purchasing a plane ticket.

Well how about traveling by sea? A cruise liner or ferry sounds relaxing, plus you get to enjoy the view. That’s because this is the slowest way of travel one can take. Depending on what kind of ship or boat, it can also be quite expensive, maybe not as much as flying, but still more than leasing a car. Since traveling by boat is also a public transportation, again numerous passengers occupy the vessel. Sometimes even more than in a plane and definitely more than on a bus! The danger of sinking comes to mind when one travels by sea. It’s not only the drowning you will have to face if an accident occurs, the ocean is another world of different creatures whom will have to share space with you once you are on wet territory. Still planning to anchor off? Lease cars!  You won’t worry about getting to your destination the day after and won’t have to fight of fierce creatures if any accidents occur.

There will always be a safer and more private way to travel. Inexpensiveness and traveling on your own pace make leasing cars the best choice to take.  Don’t get off on these so called luxuries!  Lease cars! It’s a luxury on its own space.

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